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Related post: explaining the propensity for aplasia in this patient group. The Mucosal Immunity Section The Mucosal Immunity Section continues its studies of the mechanism of mucosal immunity and the role of the immunologic apparatus in causing Crohn's disease and other related illnesses. Immunoregulatory defects Phoslo 1334 in patients with Crohn's disease have been further characterized. These patients have excessive suppression of immune responses by their cells when studied in vitro . It was possible to show that Phoslo 2001 Mg this excessive suppressor effect of peripheral blood lymphocytes in Crohn's disease is due to the acitivity of a newly defined population of cells having a specific phenotype which can be recognized by monoclonal antibodies. This should facilitate the further definition of the cause of this disease. It is interesting that cells isolated from the lamina propria of patients with this disease have a small percentage of these cells with excessive suppressor activity. Further studies of cells isolated from patients with this disease are ongoing. The conditions which govern the secretion of immunoglobulin by cells within the gut have also been Buy Phoslo studied. It is well known that these cells secrete immunoglobulin A, an important component of the host defense mechanism. Earlier studies had suggested that this secretion was dependent on a cell -controlled switch mechanism which turned on cells to secrete this immunoglobulin. The details of the switch mechanism and factors which lead to not only IgA membrane production but also IgA synthesis and secretion have been defined during the year. The disease Primary Biliary Cirrhosis has also been examined in some detail. An immunoregulatory defect has been defined in this important inflammatory disease of the liver. It has been shown that patients with this disorder have a defect in function of their natural killer cells which are responsible for recognizing and killing certain abnormal cells in experimental studies and are thought to be important in tumor cell surveillance in vivo . Definition of this defect during the past year has lead to the suggestion that, in fact, the numbers of cells are normal but their function is not. This defect is being Phoslo Cost further characterized. As part of these studies, considerable attention has been paid to a phenomena called the autologous mixed lymphocyte reaction. In this reaction, cultured B-cells and T-cells obtained from the same patient are capable of responding to each other with T-cell proliferation. This phenomena does not occur normally in Primary Biliary Cirrhosis. The studies suggest that, in fact, Phoslo Mg the autologous MLR does not lead to the generation of cells capable of self killing in normal individuals and suggest that it is part of a complex immunoregulatory mechanism. As part of these studies, long term autoreactive cell lines which contain cells capable of killing autologous target cells have been developed. The inability to demonstrate such cells in the past is probably due to the fact that the relevant reacting cell was present at too low a concentration in the cultured cell line for measurement. The ability to form such cell lines with this type of reactivity in vitro will allow for simplified study of this phenomenon. The Allergy Program The Allergy Program has had another excellent year. Specific projects are detailed in the relevant section of the detailed reports. Studies have examined 18-9 in vitro phenomena, such as mechanisms of histamine release and the mechanisms of rnilcus secretion by cells in culture. They have also explored animal models of jjn vivo hypersensitivity. In addition, a considerable number of studies have examined patients with various kinds of allergic disease. Dr. Kaliner's group has spent considerable time analyzing, in detail, the late phase reaction following allergenic challenge. This is a reaction which occurrs some hours after the immediate hypersensitivity reaction due to edema formation secondary to mediator release. Late phase reactions were shown to require the participation of neutrophils for full expression and could be prevented by treatment with HI and H2 antihistamine combinations. This lead to a characterization and Phoslo Gelcap quantitation of the number of histamine receptors on various cell populations including neutrophils, lymphocytes and purified lung membranes. This in turn led to the need for developing histamine assays of greater sensitivity and specificity. It was shown that Phoslo Gel histamine levels were constantly elevated in a group of patients being followed with Systemic Mastocytosis. Moreover, an Phoslo Calcium Acetate assay for nasal blood flow was developed using modern laser technology. It was shown that Allergic Rhinitis patients Phoslo 667 have the Phoslo Gelcaps Phoslo Gel Caps same rate of blood flow as do normals. This blood flow through the nose was reduced by alpha adrenergic but not affected by cholinergic stimulation. This kind of technology, looking at local blood flow, will allow very interesting analysis of the effect of various mediators on flow and capillary permiability. In studies of mucus secretion, in vivo techniques have been employed to determine the parameters which affect goblet cell formation of mucus. Mucus formation with bronchial plugging is one of the prime causes of the pathology of asthma and there are few careful studies to show what determines the synthesis and degradation of mucus. In this section, models for measurement of mucus production by cultured human bronchial and nasal mucosa were developed and the role of various mediators is being examined in a systematic, quantitative fashion. Early studies showed that macrophages produce a low molecular weight substance after phagocytosis which causes marked mucus secretion. The substance has been termed macrophage mucus secretagogue. This low molecular weight substance may be important in promoting mucus secretion at the area of inflammation. In studies by the group, the various substances which control mucus secretion are being systematically explored. Prostaglandins have been shown to influence the secretion of mucus and more recently, the leucotriene series of compounds has been shown to have marked mucus secretion stimulating ability. Dr. Metcalfe has Phoslo 1334 Mg continued his studies of mast cell degranulation and the ingestion of the mast cell granules by connective tissue fibroblasts Calcium Acetate Phoslo with their subsequent degradation. The kinetics and details of this degradation process have been examined. Phoslo 67 Mg It has been shown that mast cell products can alter fibroblasts responses such as enzyme secretion and proteoglycan synthesis. In vitro studies also demonstrated that mast cell granules by virtue of their heparin content can inhibit lymphocyte function. The role of the proteoglycan in mast cell function is being explored in detailed studies with the hope of defining the role of this remarkably interesting series of compounds in allergic and immunologic responses. Dr. Metcalfe's group has Phoslo 667 Mg become one of the leading groups in the world in
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